26-4-0( 승-패-무 )

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기록: 26-4-0
요약: Gameness and fighting with instinct. Heavy hands.

Fighter Info

Nickname: The Bad Seed
출신: Centerville, IA - USA USA
나이: 48
신장: 6' 2" ( 187 cm )
체중: 260 설명 ( 118 kg )



전체 타격 실패
44% 성공율
성공 타격 유형
72% 클린치
타격 방어
전체 타격 회피율


전체 테이크다운
83% 성공율
성공 테이크다운 유형
{0}% 서브미션
{0}% 회피
{0}% 반격
테이크 다운 방어
전체 테이크다운 회피율
Result Fighters Event Str TD Sub Pass Method Replay
조쉬 바넷 월 일, 연도
17 2 1 5 R2 KO/TKO
Bobby Hoffman 6 1 1 2
Bobby Hoffman 월 일, 연도
20 0 0 0 R1 Overturned
Mark David Robinson 0 0 0 0
Maurice Smith 월 일, 연도
43 0 0 0 R3 Decision - Split
Bobby Hoffman 10 4 0 3

선수 소개

Training Style

"Like I said, I started running more, swimming more and getting myself in shape. There won't be any repeat of the Smith fight. I get up at 6 AM. Do an hour and a half of cardio. Come back home and rest. At 10:00 get on the,mat and get some grappling in. Go home and get some sleep. Go to the boxing gym at 4. Head to Jiu-Jitsu practice at 6. Do some lifting from 7 to 8. Come home and then do it all over again."

UFC History

At UFC 27 Bobby lost a majority decision to former UFC World Heavyweight Champion Maurice Smith. "Maurice is a tough fighter, but I lost that fight myself because I ran out of gas... I came back home and started working out more than ever before. I've dropped to 250 and I won't have a conditioning problem ever again."

UFC 30 Hoffman gave The South African fighter Robinson a true introduction to UFC with a first round Right Elbow to the head that put Robinson down with 3:27 remaining in the first round. NJ Commission has since declared this match a no contest.

UFC 34: High Voltage - Bobby lost to Josh Barnett by submission due to strikes at 4:25 of round 2.

More Information

On fighting for the UFC: "It feels really great. I've been fighting all over the world. It feels really good. I've been over to Japan and it's pretty big over there but in the United States UFC is the big show. When I first started this is where I wanted to be. I wanted to be UFC champion so it feels awesome."

On how he got into MMA: "Actually I sat in jail for awhile on assault charges. I walked out of jail on a Wednesday after being locked up in solitary confinement for 92 straight days. I got out and walked into a gym where they were participating in shootfighting. I'd always been a great wrestler and athlete and they asked if I wanted to wrestle so I started wrestling with them. I went to a fight that Friday two days out of jail and someone said a heavyweight didn't show up. It was a professional fight. They asked if anyone in the crowd wanted to fight and I jumped in there and won and that's how my career started."

Bobby's main athletic background was in football and he even played half a season with the Cleveland Browns before getting cut. "I had a short lived career. I actually left college a year early for the damn NFL and didn't complete my education but that's a different story." Bobby attended Ellsworth Junior College and the University of Akron.

Bobby's MMA record is 17-3 and he is 6-1 in RINGS competition.

"My right hand is packed with dynamite and if I can unleash it, if I catch you with the son of a gun it's pretty much out. I'm pretty much convinced that if I can catch anyone between the temple and the back of the head I'm going to at least make them dizzy. My conditioning is such that not only can I KO a guy in 32 seconds but I've also knocked them out 8 to 9 minutes into the fight."

Favorite pastimes:
“I enjoy going to the beach with my pitbull and my girlfriend Patty.”

Do you have any heroes?
“I respect Tank Abbott for going to Pro Wrestling and making it big time. I respect Tito Ortiz because he walks the walk and talks the talk and has his shit going on.”


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