12-5-0( 승-패-무 )

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격투 스타일

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기록: 12-5-0
요약: Wrestling, Cardio, Relentless

Fighter Info

출신: Wilmington, DE USA
거주지: Indianapolis, IN USA
나이: 32
신장: 5' 9" ( 175 cm )
체중: 155 설명 ( 70 kg )



전체 타격 실패
25% 성공율
성공 타격 유형
75% 스탠딩
타격 방어
전체 타격 회피율


전체 테이크다운
36% 성공율
성공 테이크다운 유형
{0}% 서브미션
{0}% 회피
{0}% 반격
테이크 다운 방어
전체 테이크다운 회피율
Result Fighters Event Str TD Sub Pass Method Replay
대니 카스티요 월 일, 연도
22 3 0 2 R1 KO/TKO
Shamar Bailey 3 0 0 0
에반 던햄 월 일, 연도
92 0 1 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Shamar Bailey 35 0 0 0
Ryan McGilivray 월 일, 연도
19 0 0 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Shamar Bailey 33 5 0 9
Justin Wilcox
Strikeforce Challengers 7
월 일, 연도
-- -- -- -- R3 Decision - Unanimous
Shamar Bailey -- -- -- --
Shamar Bailey
Strikeforce - Fedor vs. Rogers
월 일, 연도
-- -- -- -- R3 Decision - Unanimous
John Kolosci -- -- -- --

선수 소개

TRAINING: Get off work from 24 hour shift at firehouse. Go to strength & conditioning / speed & agility training at Acceleration Indy in morning. Rest. Go to Muay Thai / boxing at Toplevelgym in the afternoon. Rest. Then go to either jiu-jitsu at American Top Team - Indianapolis or MMA practice at IndyPalMMA / Integrated Fighting Academy

When and why did you start training for fighting? I started fighting about a year after I finished college wrestling. I love to compete and was looking for a way to stay in shape.

What ranks and titles have you held? I've been Revolution Fight League champ in Louisville, KY. Also Naga, Chicago champion.

Do you have any heroes? Jesus and David. True warriors.

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? It means everything. All the hard work, all the sacrifices I've made financially, physically, and with people I've cared deeply about, it all culminates with this opportunity I've been praying so hard for, to fight in the UFC and secure a future here.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? Yes. I earned my 4 year bachelor's degree in ministry

What was your job before you started fighting? I was and still am a full time firefighter for Indianapolis Fire Department

Specific accomplishments in amateur competition? NCAA Div III National Wrestling Championship qualifier after starting wrestling Senior year of HS

Specific accomplishments in pro competition? Victories in M1, King of the Cage, and Strikeforce

Favorite grappling technique
: rear naked choke

Favorite striking technique: Fist in Face
•    Team dos Santos member on TUF 13

•    Works in fire department with UFC vet Chris Lytle

•    Four wins by KO, two by submission

•    Pro since 2006


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