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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ, May 5 – The rise of Nate Diaz continued in the main event of UFC on FOX 3 at IZOD Center Saturday night, as the ever improving Californian systematically broke down fellow lightweight contender Jim Miller before submitting the local hero in the second round to earn his third consecutive victory.

Miller stayed busy as he closed the distance on Diaz, pinning him against the fence as the two traded knees. After breaking, Diaz tried to establish his long-range striking attack, but Miller’s kicks to the legs kept him from getting into a rhythm, prompting another clinch against the fence. As the two jockeyed for position, Diaz was able to get some knees off before separating, and he finally began to find his range in the final minute, dropping Miller with a quick left to the head. As Diaz looked to capitalize, Miller reversed effectively, but it was Diaz on top at the bell.

Diaz opted for more close quarters action in the early stages of round two, perhaps looking to tire Miller out for the later rounds. Diaz was starting to mix his attacks up nicely, bloodying Miller’s nose and beginning to taunt his foe, with each drop of his hands bringing an immediate response from the New Jersey favorite. With less than two minutes left, Diaz continued to do good work both in the inside and outside, and Miller looked to be getting desperate in an effort order to turn things around. That outlook played right into Diaz’ hands, as a takedown attempt allowed the Stockton native to sink in a guillotine choke. Moments later, despite a solid effort from Miller to break free, Diaz got the tap out at the 4:09 mark, bringing his pro record to 16-7. Miller falls to 21-4.


The first bout in UFC history pitting two former NCAA Division I national wrestling champions against each other was primarily a striking match, and it was the standup game that allowed Johny Hendricks to eke out a close three round split decision over former welterweight title challenger Josh Koscheck.

Scores were 29-28 twice, and 28-29 for Hendricks, a two-time NCAA champ for Oklahoma State who ups his record to 13-1. Koscheck, a NCAA titleholder for Edinboro University, falls to 19-6.

Koscheck came out firing kicks at Hendricks, who answered with one of his own before trying to land his big left hand. Koscheck got more comfortable as the round progressed, pinning Hendricks to the fence as he reeled off a series of right hands. Hendricks took the shots with little difficulty, and midway through the round he looked for a takedown, but was rebuffed. After the two were restarted by referee Kevin Mulhall, both got off solid shots at each other, and Koscheck again opened up as Hendricks got stuck with his back to the fence, finishing the round with a flourish thanks to a spinning back fist just before the bell.

Hendricks fired off wild left hands to open the second round, missing all of them. A few moments later he repeated the barrage with the same result, and as he shot for a takedown, Koscheck turned him back and instead took his opponent’s back as the bout hit the mat. The two rose quickly, and Hendricks again shot, this time getting Koscheck to a knee against the fence. Koscheck rose to his feet with Hendricks holding on, and with a little over two minutes left, Mulhall restarted the action. Hendricks was finally starting to get his range with the left hand in the latter part of the round, and Koscheck’s right eye was beginning to show it.

The action slowed in the opening minute of the final round, but after a restart from Mulhall against the fence, the two let loose with their go to punches – Koscheck his right and Hendricks his left. And while the two each took the other’s thunder, Koscheck’s eye continued to get worse, prompting him to look for and get a takedown with two minutes to go. Hendricks’ defense was solid, keeping him out of serious danger, but Koscheck stayed busy with his ground strikes as he looked to better his position, allowing him to keep his opponent on his back for the remainder of the fight.

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Alan Belcher made a bold statement in his quest for a middleweight title shot, beating leg lock master Rousimar Palhares in the Brazilian’s area of the Octagon real estate – the mat – but doing it with a ground and pound attack that ended matters in the opening round.

“That belt is mine,” said Belcher. “I’m coming for it and I think you know it.”

After a brief feeling out process, Palhares (23-4) shot in and took Belcher to the mat 45 seconds into the fight. Belcher avoided any serious trouble from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, showing off his own black belt ground game as Palhares looked for the finish. As the round hit the midway mark, the two remained locked up, looking for the smallest mistake on which to capitalize.  And while Palhares appeared to be close to catching Belcher, “The Talent” broke loose and fired off strikes to the head, much to the delight of the crowd. With under a minute left, Belcher drilled Palhares with a forearm and then opened up with both hands. After a series of unanswered blows, referee Dan Miragliotta intervened at the 4:18 mark, giving Belcher (17-5) his biggest win to date.

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Heavyweights Lavar Johnson and Pat Barry delivered the back-and-forth action everyone expected from them when their bout was announced, but after escaping some rough spots on the canvas, it was Johnson who was the last man standing, as he halted Barry via strikes late in the first round.

Barry’s first leg kick buckled Johnson briefly, but the Californian tied “HD” up and bulled him into the fence in order to work his deadly close range game. After a brief break where Barry landed a head kick, the two locked up again and a heated exchange ensued. Following this give and take, Barry sought and got a takedown, quickly settling into side control as he worked for a kimura. Johnson gamely struggled and then broke loose, but Barry stayed in control on the mat, mixing in strikes as he looked for the arm again. With a little over a minute left, Johnson got back to his feet and went on the attack. A knee and two high kicks rocked Barry, and Johnson began teeing off with punch after punch as the New Orleans native was pinned to the fence. Many missed, but the ones that did eventually dropped Barry, with referee Dan Miragliotta stepping in to halt the bout at 4:38 of the opening stanza.

With the win, Johnson improves to 17-5; Barry falls to 7-5.

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