Woodley TKOs Condit in Two

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DALLAS, March 15 – Before a freak knee injury prematurely ended Carlos Condit’s UFC 171 co-main event bout against Tyron Woodley Saturday night at American Airlines Center, it was Woodley who was doing everything in his power to prove that he deserved the next shot at the welterweight crown, and with his second round TKO victory over the former interim champ, the St. Louis contender made a more than compelling case for himself.

The eagerly anticipated bout lived up to its billing for the seven minutes it lasted, but the man taking the lead and controlling the action was clearly Woodley, performing his best in the most important fight of his career.

After a few moments of sizing each other up, Woodley exploded with a right to the head, rocking Condit, with a second right following soon thereafter. Woodley then sought a takedown, but Condit remained upright, holding his own as the two grappled against the fence. After separating, Condit began to land with his strikes, but when he got too aggressive, Woodley put him on his back. Condit stayed busy and almost caught Woodley with a triangle choke, but the American Top Team product threw him off. Another Woodley takedown followed before round’s end, and a spinning backfist that just missed landing flush punctuated the winning frame for him

Woodley got the second off to a good start as well with another hard right hand and a subsequent takedown. With 3:12 left, referee Jacob Montalvo stood the two fighters up even both were staying busy, and as Woodley kicked Condit’s left leg, Condit spun and planted his right leg, injuring his knee in the process. As Condit fell to the mat, Montalvo stopped the fight at 2:00 of the round.

With the TKO win, Woodley improves to 13-2; Condit, who left the Octagon under his own power, falls to 29-8.

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Some believed that rising lightweight star Myles Jury wasn’t ready for his step up fight against veteran contender Diego Sanchez.

They were wrong, as Jury delivered in the biggest fight of his career, winning a three round unanimous decision via scores of 30-27 twice and 29-28.

Being his usual intense self, Sanchez tried to goad Jury into a brawl from the start, but the unbeaten Michigan native was content to score with kicks from long range before Sanchez was able to bull him into the fence. Jury worked his way out of Sanchez’ grasp, going back to his long-range attack, but again “The Dream” taunted him, trying to get him to exchange. Jury reeled off a couple flurries in response, but it was his right kick to the face that was doing the most damage. With 30 seconds left, Jury scored the first takedown of the fight, keeping his opponent grounded until the round ended.

Jury kept potshotting Sanchez in the second, with a right hand opening a cut under his left eye. Sanchez flurried wildly in return, briefly tagging his opponent with a hard right. The blood definitely added a sense of urgency to Sanchez’s attack, but he wasn’t able to corner his elusive foe. Instead, he was relegated to wild rushes as he looked to even the score. In the final two minutes, Jury got another takedown, and while Sanchez almost appeared to sink in a guillotine choke, Jury got free and back to his feet, leaving Sanchez to walk back to his corner with his face bloodied.

Long considered one of the sport’s top third round fighters, Sanchez’ heart was willing in the final frame, but Jury’s movement and a late fight takedown guaranteed that the Albuquerque native wasn’t going to be able to deliver another frantic finish, a testament to the talent and game plan of Jury.

With the win, Jury moves to 14-0; Sanchez falls to 26-7.

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Hector Lombard had a blazing start to his welterweight bout with Jake Shields, and while the pace dipped substantially over the ensuing 15 minutes, he did enough to pull out a clear-cut unanimous decision win.

Scores were 30-27 twice, and 29-28.

Lombard  (34-4-1 with 1 NC) went after Shields from the start, throwing him to the mat once and using a left hand to do the trick a second time. Shields kept his composure through it all, but he was eating plenty of leather in the meantime. Looking to turn things around, Shields shot for several takedowns, but each time he came up short, Lombard would make him pay. Finally with 90 seconds left in the round, the bout strayed to the mat, but it was the Cuban still in control as Shields tried to work from his back, but to no avail.

Continuing to dominate with his striking, Lombard threw a new wrinkle into the mix when he took Shields (29-7-1, 1 NC) to the canvas early in the second round. A stalemate ensued, with referee Don Turnage standing the fighters up near the midway point, but in the final minute, it was another textbook throw from the Judo Olympian, wrapping up another round in his favor.

Neither fighter did himself any favors with the crowd in the third round due to the lack of action, and while Shields almost pulled the fight out with a miracle last second guillotine choke, it was too little too late for the Californian.


With a quick kick and a takedown, Ovince Saint Preux surprised many by taking his light heavyweight bout against Nikita Krylov to the mat, but at 89 seconds of the first round, no one was questioning the move anymore, as he defeated the Ukrainian via submission due to a Von Flue choke, improving his record to 15-5; Krylov, who was making his debut at 205 pounds, falls to 16-4.

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경기를 앞둔 로즈 나마유나스는 최고의 컨디션이라는 느낌을 받았다. 카롤리나 코발키비츠는 아틀란타에 짐을 푼다. 맷 브라운과 제이크 엘렌버거는 훈련을 실시하면서도 가정을 돌본다. 로비 라울러는 가족과 함께 낚시 여행을 떠나고 타이론 우들리는 편안한 마음으로 머리를 자른다.
2016. 7. 26
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