By The Numbers: UFC 174

Breaking down Saturday's UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov card By The Numbers...
On Saturday, the Octagon is in Vancouver for the flyweight championship fight between Demetrious Johnson and Ali Bagautinov. But before UFC 174 begins, let’s take a look at the card By The Numbers.

Breaking down Saturday's UFC 174: Johnson vs. Bagautinov card By The Numbers...

Days between the last Octagon appearance in Vancouver at UFC 131 - headlined by Junior dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin - and this Saturday’s UFC 174 - headlined by UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov

Days that Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson will have been the first/only UFC flyweight champion since winning the belt with a split decision against Joseph Benavidez at UFC 152

Seconds it took for Johnson to successfully defend the UFC flyweight title for the 3rd time by knocking out Joseph Benavidez in their rematch at UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Benavidez II, fastest KO/TKO victory in the UFC flyweight division history

Minutes it took for Johnson to successfully defend the UFC flyweight title for the 2nd time by securing an armbar submission on John Moraga at UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Moraga, the latest submission ever in a UFC fight

Percentage of Johnson’s takedown accuracy in his bout against Moraga where “Mighty Mouse” went 12 for 12,  most takedowns ever completed in a UFC bout without a miss

Takedowns “Mighty Mouse” has completed inside the Octagon, most by any fighter since the WEC merger in 2011

Fighters in UFC history that have completed 10 or more takedowns in a single fight twice, Johnson and former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre

Significant strikes landed by “Mighty Mouse” as a flyweight, most in the division’s history

Significant strikes landed by Johnson against John Dodson at UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Dodson, tying “Mighty Mouse” for 7th most significant strikes landed by a fighter in a championship fight

Of those significant strikes by Johnson were landed in the clinch, 2nd most ever landed while in the clinch in a UFC bout behind Sarah Kaufman’s 84 at The Ultimate Fighter: Nations Finale

Times “Mighty Mouse” has been finished in his 22 fight career

Fight win streak for Johnson inside the Octagon, longest win streak in UFC flyweight history

Fight win streak in the UFC for the #4 ranked Ali “Puncher” Bagautinov, 2nd longest active streak in the flyweight division

Fight win streak overall for “Puncher,” dating back to September 2011

Finishes (5 KOs, 4 subs) in Bagautinov’s pro MMA career including the 3rd round KO/TKO win over Marcos Vinicius in Bagautinov’s UFC debut

Finishes (4 KO/TKO, 2 subs) in the first round for “Puncher”

Takedowns completed per 15 minutes for Bagautinov inside the Octagon, the UFC average is 1.93 (min. 5 fights)

Takedowns completed by Bagautinov in his 3 Octagon performances, 5th most in the flyweight division behind Zach Makovsky’s 11, Alptekin Ozkilic’s 12, Tim Elliott’s 18, Demetrious Johnson’s 24

Successful takedowns for Bagautinov against John Lineker at UFC 169

Approximate number of miles from The Republic of Dagestan where Bagautinov spent his life wrestling to Albuquerque, New Mexico where “Puncher” trains MMA with Team Jackson

Significant strikes landed by Bagautinov in his 3 UFC bouts

Percentage of those sig. strikes for Bagautinov that hit his opponents’ head or body, UFC average is 83.1% (min. 350 att.)

Days between British Columbia, Canada native Rory “Ares” MacDonald’s last bout in his home province at UFC 115 against Carlos Condit and his forthcoming bout with Tyron Woodley

Ranking, currently, for MacDonald in the UFC welterweight division

Significant strikes landed per minute for “Ares,” 4th highest rate among active UFC welterweights (min. 5 fights)

Significant strikes landed by MacDonald in his last performance the unanimous decision and Fight of the Night win over Demian Maia at UFC 170

Takedowns stuffed by Macdonald against Maia who attempted 22 takedowns overall

Percentage of takedowns defended by “Ares” inside the Octagon, highest takedown defense in UFC welterweight history and 8th highest all-time (min. 5 fights and 20 opp. att.)

Percentage of MacDonald’s takedown accuracy, highest takedown accuracy among active UFC  welterweights (min. 5 fights and 20. att.)

Takedowns for “Ares” in his 9 UFC fights including 7 on Nate Diaz and 4 on #1 ranked welterweight Robbie Lawler

Takedowns in Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley’s combined 12 UFC/Strikeforce bouts

Takedowns per 15 minutes of fighting for Woodley in Strikeforce, 6th highest average in Strikeforce (min. 5 fights)

Takedown defense percentage across Woodley’s 12 bouts combined in UFC/Strikeforce, 32 of 34

Wins in Strikeforce for “The Chosen One”, tied for 4th in Strikeforce history with Daniel Cormier behind Luke Rockhold’s 9, Josh Thomson’s 10, and Gilbert Melendez’s 11

Knockdowns for Woodley inside the Octagon including 2 knockdowns of Josh Koscheck and 1 knockdown of Carlos Condit

KO/TKO wins for “The Chosen One” inside the Octagon including 1 Knockout of the Night bonus at UFC 167

Significant strikes landed by Woodley in Strikeforce

Percentage of those significant strikes landed by “The Chosen One” were in the clinch, largest proportion of clinch sig. strikes in Strikeforce history (min. 350 att.)

Percentage of Woodley’s significant strikes landed from within the clinch inside the Octagon

Percentage of Woodley’s UFC appearances that have been on a UFC pay-per-view event

Ranking for Woodley in the UFC welterweight division

2003, 2005
Years that Woodley achieved NCAA D1 All-American honors wrestling at the University of Missouri

2004, 2006
Years that Ryan “Darth” Bader achieved NCAA D1 All-American honors wrestling at Arizona State University

The Ultimate Fighter season Bader won at light-heavyweight

Ranking for Bader in the UFC light-heavyweight division

Knockdowns for “Darth” inside the Octagon, tied for 5th most in UFC light-heavyweight history

KO/TKO victories for Bader via punches at distance, tied for 3rd most in the UFC’s 205 pound division’s history

Seconds it took “Darth” to drop Vladimir Matyushenko with a punch and then stop “The Janitor” via guillotine choke at UFC on FOX: Johnson vs. Dodson, fastest submission in UFC’s 205 lb history

Takedowns for Bader inside the Octagon, 5th most in UFC light heavyweight history

Takedowns per 15 minutes of fighting for Bader, 5th highest rate in UFC light-heavyweight history (min. 5 fights)

Percentage of Bader’s significant strikes on the ground, 3rd largest proportion of significant strikes landed on the ground in UFC light heavyweight history (min. 300 att.)

Significant strikes absorbed per minute for Bader, 5th best rate in UFC light heavyweight history (min. 5 fights)

Percentage for Bader’s striking defense, highest in UFC light heavyweight history (min. 5 fights and 350 opp. att.)

Significant striking accuracy for Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante in his UFC/SF/EliteXC fights, UFC average 42%

Career wins/finishes for Cavalcante

Percentage of Cavalcante’s wins by way of strikes

Ranking for “Feijao” in the UFC’s light heavyweight division

Seconds it took for Cavalcante to cause Igor Pokrajac to tap due to strikes at UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs. Henderson, quickest submission to strikes in modern UFC history

KO/TKO wins in Strikeforce for “Feijao”, tied for 2nd most behind Cung Le’s 7

Knockdowns in Strikeforce for Cavalcante, tied for 3rd most in Strikeforce history

Significant strikes landed in Cavalcante’s 12 fights combined in the UFC/Strikeforce/EliteXC

Percentage of those significant strikes landed by “Feijao” were in the clinch, UFC average 20.3% (min. 350 att.)

Percentage for Cavalcante’s takedown defense in his last 12 fights combined in the UFC/Strikeforce/EliteXC (21-26), UFC average 59%

Year that “Feijao” won the Strikeforce light heavyweight title by scoring a TKO over then-champ Mo Lawal


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출연진은 휴스턴으로 일생일대의 여행을 떠난다. 카우보이처럼 말을 탄 후엔 황소에 도전한다. 복싱 전 세계챔피언 조지 포먼을 만나 과카몰리 요리를 만들기도 한다. 그리고 휴스턴 지역 대회에서 플라이급 유망주를 찾는다.
2016. 5. 27
7월 2일 UFC 199 대회 기자회견에 선수들이 참가한다. 회견은 캘리포니아 로스앤젤레스 포럼에서 생중계된다.
2016. 6. 2
UFC 밴텀급 챔피언을 지나 바 있는 헤난 바라오는 페더급으로 체급을 올렸다. 하지만 페더급이야 말로 자신에게 맞는 체급이라 생각한다. 바라오는 이번 일요일 UFN 라스베이거스 대회에서 UFC 페더급 데뷔전을 치른다.
2016. 5. 27