GSP's Records - What's at Stake

A look at the UFC records held by welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and those he could potentially break at UFC 167.
There's more on the line than the championship belt in the UFC 167 main event between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks -- reigning champion St-Pierre stands to break several UFC records (and improve the margin by which he holds a few others). Here's a look at what's at stake for his legacy.


Most time in the Octagon: If the bout lasts even 40 seconds, GSP will pass BJ Penn for the most Octagon time in UFC history. Penn has fought for 5:03:51 to date.

Most wins:
A win tomorrow would be St-Pierre's 19th, putting him past Matt Hughes for the top spot.

Most championship wins: The king is currently tied with Anderson Silva with 11 title victories to his name.

A triple threat: St-Pierre and Demetrious Johnson currently share the UFC record for most fights in which they've gotten ten or more takedowns -- they've each done it two times. A takedown-laden performance could put GSP in the lead.

Heavyweight power: GSP and Cain Velasquez share the UFC record for most fights in which they've landed 200+ total strikes, as they've each pulled this off three times. Another clinic would make it four and give St-Pierre the record.


Most decision victories in UFC history: 11
Most total strikes landed: 2,398
Most significant strikes landed: 1,153
Most takedowns landed: 84
Best takedown accuracy (min. 5 fights and 20 att.): 75.0%
Most total control time: 2:35:57
Best welterweight significant striking defense: 75.1%
Best welterweight takedown defense: 88%


UFC welterweight championship
Becomes the first man since 2007 to defeat St-Pierre
Will become the most bearded champion in UFC history.

So... who ya got?

Source: FightMetric


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2016. 5. 24
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