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TUF 16 Weekly Recap - Episode 5

Weekly recaps of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson, airing Fridays on FX at 10 p.m. ET/PT, with re-airs on FUEL TV Sunday nights, UltimateFighter.com a week after that and UFC.tv.
This week opens inside the Team Nelson locker room, where Julian Lane is devastated after losing last week's fight. Michael Hill understands why his teammate is so upset and blames Coach Roy. He says that drawing straws to decide who fights next is just plain dumb. Inside the Team Carwin locker room, victorious Bristol Marunde’s cut-up face serves as a reminder to never underestimate your opponent. Mike Ricci says they'd all expected Bristol to run through Julian, and now look at him.

Back at the house, both teams are discussing what we will now refer to as “Strawgate.” Even enemy-maker Matt Secor can’t believe it. His coaches are watching film deciding who has the best shot to win and  Roy Nelson picks straws. However, even this analysis doesn't win Matt any friends. He calls Julian “not smart,” and a still-emotional Julian warns people not to [expletive] with him because he’ll fight somebody that and get himself sent home.

After Matt responds with some flatulence, Julian he almost makes good on his promise. He gets in Matt’s face and does your usual come-at-me-bro posturing that you see outside a frat bar. To his credit, Secor walks away. Later Julian admits that he was out of line... which is not to say he apologized for his actions.

Cut to Team Nelson’s training, where Cameron Diffley approaches Roy about their schedule. The fighters are still upset that they are only training once a day and would like to train more. To the camera Roy tells us that he thinks he’s a good coach and that he’s been around long enough to know how to make guys successful. Colton Smith has his coach’s back and says that people need to take personal responsibility for themselves if they have holes or extra cardio they need to improve.

Michael Hill adds another complaint, this one about the coaches taking their sweet time in the gym. Hill thinks they talk too much before practice and waste time. Something tells me that Roy Nelson, Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields didn’t get to where they are today by wasting time.

Fight Selection
It’s time for the fight selection, and Team Carwin decides to pit rascally Team Nelsonite Nic Herron-Webb against their very own Igor Araujo. Carwin explains that the two are equally matched in the grappling world, but Igor possesses the striking advantage. Roy figures that Igor will shoot in, and Nic will control the ground game from there. Ricci is absolutely ecstatic. He can’t wait to see Nic get smashed. Hell hath no fury like a Tobey Maguire-lookalike scorned. Igor and Nic then have an intense/bizarre staredown which culminates in Igor saying, “I want to eat some brains.”

Back at the house we learn more about Igor Araujo the person. He trains in Albuquerque with Team Jackson/Winkeljohn. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, he started competing in MMA because he was short on rent money, and now he has 23 career wins. Also, he could really use a new sweatsuit.

After practice, Team Carwin returns to the house where Mike Ricci discovers that his mattress is missing. He immediately confronts Nic Herron-Webb and tells him to go retrieve his bed. Nic has no interest and refuses to help. Instead, he stands and watches with glee as Ricci and some friends finagle the mattress down from the top of the gazebo where it was hidden.

We then hear the Nic Herron-Webb story. Only 22 years old, he’s the creator of Nap jitsu. It is thusly named because it “puts people to sleep.” How this differs from regular jiu-jitsu? I think you have to send a check or money order to find that out.

We learn a little but more about each fighter’s inspiration. Igor says he's one of the fighters here to fight for "bread and milk" -  he's thinking about his family and his son’s second birthday he's missing. He needs to win TUF to give his family opportunity and financial security. Nic Herron-Webb keeps most of his personal life close to the chest and talks about Alaskan pride.

Fight Time
The round begins with Nic throwing a wide left hook. Igor ducks, shoots in and puts Nap-Time Herron-Webb right on his back. Nic attempts some rubber guard, but Igor stacks him and moves to half guard. Soon, Igor advances again gets full mount. Nic tries to walk over to the cage to use it to get some leverage, but is stifled. He then gives up his back and Igor flattens him out. The rest of the round is spent with Igor throwing punches and attempting chokes. Nic avoids getting submitted, but that's about it. Nic manages to roll Igor just as the round ends.

Round two: Igor throws a head kick then shoots in immediately. This time, though, Nic uses a kimura to sweep and get off his back. He throws a big elbow from top and Igor’s face swells. Igor controls Nic’s wrists, which stymies any more offense from the top. With about two minutes left, Igor sweeps Nic and regains top position. Igor tries to pass Nic’s guard but, but finds himself in a leg lock. Nic uses this to sweep and finishes the round on top of his opponent.

Everyone expects there to be a third round, but the judges give Igor the majority decision victory. Dana actually says Nic got “robbed” of a third sudden-victory round but also calls him out for not capitalizing from top position. Igor is particularly proud to have scored the win on his son's birthday. Coach Carwin says that Igor took the first 10-8 to earn the win and Coach Nelson offers the standard “You can’t leave it in the hands of the judge,” analysis.

The show ends with a preview of next week’s episode. Who is the mysterious chicken thief? What event causes Roy Nelson to yell at his team? Who will be the next person to threaten Matt Secor? Find out next week on The Ultimate Fighter! Until then here's the season at a glance:

Team Carwin (3-1)
Sam Alvey (0-1, lost to Joey Rivera by decision in episode 3)
Bristol Marunde (1-0, defeated Julian Lane by decision in episode 4)
Mike Ricci
Neil Magny (1-0, defeated Cameron Diffley by decision in episode 2)
James Chaney
Eddy Ellis
Igor Araujo (1-0, defeated Nic Herron-Webb by majority decision in episode 5)
Matt Secor

Team Nelson
Dom Waters
Michael Hill
Cameron Diffley (0-1, lost to Neil Magny by decision in episode 2)
Colton Smith
Jon Manley
Nic Herron-Webb (0-1, lost to Igor Araujo by majority decision in episode 5
Joey Rivera (1-0, defeated Sam Alvey by decision in episode 3)
Julian Lane (0-1, lost to Bristol Marunde by decision in episode 4)

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