UFC Fight Pass FAQ

Frequently asked questions about UFC Fight Pass, the new digital service from UFC.
What is UFC Fight Pass?
UFC Fight Pass is a digital subscription service which gives fans access to exclusive live UFC events and fights, original and behind-the-scenes content not available anywhere else and unprecedented access to the biggest mixed martial arts fight library in the world.

UFC Fight Pass is similar to other streaming services in that it enables fans to select what they want to watch. Just as other services give subscribers access to a library of movies and TV shows, UFC Fight Pass will give fans access to many hundreds of hours of fights, events and programs from Zuffa’s vast fight library on an on-demand basis.

UFC Fight Pass also gives fans access to live and exclusive UFC events and fights.

What do I get for my monthly subscription?
UFC Fight Pass will give subscribers access to a minimum of 10 UFC Fight Night events in 2014, streamed live from around the world. UFC Fight Pass will also be the place to see exclusive, live UFC Fight Pass Prelims™ the opening contests of all UFC Pay-Per-View events and televised cards.

The digital service will also showcase the greatest fights in the history of mixed martial arts, including:
•    The UFC fight library, dating back to UFC 1 in 1993 and including the never-repeated events and fights
•    The library of fights from the legendary PRIDE FC organization
•    The library of the groundbreaking WEC organization
•    The library of the iconic Strikeforce organization
•    Affliction Entertainment events
•    The World Fighting Alliance library
•    EliteXC’s library

There will also be special categories curated every month such as:
•    UFC president Dana White’s favorite fights
•    The greatest KOs in UFC and MMA history
•    The greatest fights in UFC and MMA history
•    The entire lineage of the UFC world championships
•    Greatest grudge matches
•    Greatest comebacks
•    The list goes on…

Additionally, there will be original and newly-created content including:
•    Exclusive backstage access during UFC events
•    Exclusive content from UFC president Dana White
•    Brand new documentaries on the UFC, MMA and the sport’s biggest stars
•    Exclusive interviews with the biggest stars in the  UFC
•    UFC FIT fitness and nutrition advice from UFC fighters and trainers
•    International editions of The Ultimate Fighter including TUF China and TUF Brazil: Team Wanderlei vs Team Sonnen

Subscribers also get access to historical UFC and MMA television programing including:
•    The Ultimate Fighter
•    The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil
•    The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes
•    UFC Countdown
•    UFC Primetime
•    UFC All Access
•    UFC Wired
•    UFC Unleashed
•    WEC WrekCage

What content will be live-streamed on UFC Fight Pass?
There will a minimum of nine live fights per calendar month broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass, with 24 fights currently anticipated for March alone. In addition to live action, UFC Fight Pass will feature exclusively live or near-live non-fight content from events, and public appearances by UFC personalities and fighters.

How much is UFC Fight Pass per month?
UFC Fight Pass is $9.99 a month, in local currency, in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Is it a month-to-month subscription?

In which countries/markets is UFC Fight Pass be available?
UFC Fight Pass is available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It will be rolled out in additional markets throughout 2014 - continue to check UFC.TV for updates. Content will vary country to country according to local television blackout rules.

When does UFC Fight Pass launch?
UFC Fight Pass launched December 28, 2013, with the first live event – UFC Fight Night Singapore, headlined by Tarec Saffiedine vs Hyun Gyu Lim – on January 4.

What devices will UFC Fight Pass be available on and where can I access it?
UFC Fight Pass will be initially available online via desktop and laptops via UFC.TV/FightPass. In time, you will be able to access the digital service – including live UFC events – on many other platforms including leading tablets, smart TVs and other premier digital devices including Samsung, LG, Roku, iOS and Android platforms .

Will I have the chance to watch the international UFC Fight Night events on demand? Or do I have to watch live?
Subscribers will have the chance to watch international UFC Fight Nights live as well as on-demand at a time more convenient to them. The technology also allows subscribers to join the event in progress or begin watching at the start of the event. The interface will make it easy for fans to avoid spoilers.

How many UFC Fight Night events are already confirmed for UFC Fight Pass?
Three live events have already confirmed for UFC Fight Pass.

On January 4, UFC Fight Night Singapore will showcase some of the best emerging talent in Asia and is headlined by world No.10 ranked Tarec Saffiedine, the final Strikeforce welterweight champion, colliding in a five-round main event with Hyun Gyu Lim, who has finished his last six opponents and hasn’t lost a fight in half a decade.

Then, on March 8, UFC London 2014, which takes place at the O2 Arena in the British capital. The event is headlined by world No.1 ranked light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson taking on unbeaten striker Jimi Manuwa. The strong undercard in London features the rematch between Ross Pearson and Melvin Guillard and a potentially explosive flyweight collision between Brad Pickett and Ian McCall.

Details of a second live event in March will be announced shortly, and more exclusive UFC Fight Pass events will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Will the international Fight Night events be available on replay anywhere else?
A minimum of 10 UFC events streamed live on UFC Fight Pass per year will exclusive to UFC Fight Pass.

What happens to UFC.TV?
UFC. TV is the umbrella brand under which UFC Fight Pass will be available.

I’m currently a subscriber to UFC Fight Library® on UFC.TV. What will happen to my subscription?
Current UFC Fight Library six-month subscribers will automatically be migrated over to UFC Fight Pass unless they choose to opt out. Subscribers can then finish the duration of the initial subscription under UFC Fight Pass, which will convert to monthly auto-renewal unless the user has opted out of auto-renewal under the initial subscription.

What are the details of the free trial until February 28 2014?
Fight fans will have unlimited access to UFC Fight Pass content including live events and live UFC Fight Pass Prelims free of charge until February 28th, 2014. Credit card information is required for registration, however users will not be charged until after the free period trial ends on March 1, 2014. Only major credit cards are eligible for the free trial period.

What happens to the UFC’s early prelims which were available on platforms like Facebook?
The UFC early prelims are now called the UFC Fight Pass Prelims™, and they will be available exclusively live and on-demand on the UFC’s new digital service. Fans who cannot get UFC Fight Pass in their markets should check for details on how to watch these fights.


UFC 스타로 급성장한 아일랜드의 코너 맥그리거가 6부작 다큐멘터리를 스스로 제작했다. 이 다큐멘터리는 올해 초 아일랜드에서 방영되었으며 자신이 스타급 선수로 성장한 과정을 담고 있다. UFC FIGHT PASS에서 감상할 수 있다.
2015. 6. 29
마이크 스윅이 전에 없었던 새로운 방식으로 자신의 UFC 189 대회 준비 과정을 공개한다. 태국의 푸켓에서 촬영된 이번 블로그 시리즈를 통해 마이크 스윅이 자신의 인생에서 가장 많은 것이 걸린 대회를 준비하는 과정을 살펴볼 수 있다.
2015. 6. 29
토드 더피가 오랜 기다림 끝에 UFC 181에서 UFC로 복귀했다. 앤서니 해밀튼은 2연승을 바라보고 있는 상황. 토드 더피는 프랭크 미어를 상대로 UFN 샌디에고 대회의 메인이벤트에 출전한다.
2015. 6. 29
브라질의 강자 조제 알도는 오랜 시간 라이벌 관계였던 채드 멘데스와 UFC 179 대회에서 2차전을 치렀다. 알도는 아일랜드의 슈퍼스타 코너 맥그리거를 상대로 라스베이거스에서 열리는 UFC 189의 메인이벤트에 출전, 타이틀 방어전을 가진다.
2015. 6. 22