Fighters' Picks for Mayweather-Canelo

In their roles as combat athletes and sport analysts, UFC fighters have a unique perspective on this weekend’s boxing world championship between Floyd “Money” Mayweather” and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Here, their picks for Saturday’s massive main event.
Cain Velasquez, who visited Alvarez at weigh-ins yesterday: “I'm going with Canelo, he is very good, and I like his style. I will be supporting him.”

Dominick Cruz: "I've got Mexican roots and I like Canelo. He's an inside fighter. He's got very good defense, super power punching, never gets tired and he wants it. He's got that look in his eyes, like 'I want to take what Mayweather has done and shatter it.' You can see that. And then you've got a guy like Mayweather, who just believes in himself. Some people call it arrogance, but I call it strength. Mayweather knows he's going to win in his own brain, and he trains hard. He's very focused and he's got so much experience. The biggest tale of this fight is going to be the defense of Mayweather. You can have as much offense as you want but if you have a good enough offense, you're not taking damage. I think Mayweather's going to be able to pull it off. My heart's with Canelo." (Hear more from Cruz)

UFC president Dana White: "I have no idea what to think. The key to this fight is Mayweather's hands -- how are his hands, how are they going to hold up during the fight. And if Canelo comes in and fights like Chavez and stays in his face the whole time and tries to wear him down, it's going to be a fun fight."

Anthony Pettis:  “This is without a doubt the toughest Mayweather fight to call thus far. Normally it would be hard for me to bet against someone who shares my Hispanic heritage but considering Floyd is the best boxer of all time, I have to side with him. Also, one of my Milwaukee-born friends who I train with, Luis Cuba Arias, recently joined Floyd’s team. He’s been telling me great things about Mayweather’s camp leading into this fight.  At the end of the day he will just be too fast and elusive for ‘Canelo’  to handle.”

Jon Jones, in a tweet to Floyd Mayweather: "Your professionalism towards training is truly inspiring. Wishing you nothing but the best."

Demetrious Johnson: "Mayweather by decision.”

Gilbert Melendez: “Mayweather is very fast, comes in and out, can drive you crazy with his game. I like Canelo but I think Mayweather will win.”

Kelvin Gastelum: "I got Canelo Alvarez."

Mark Munoz
: "It will be a competitive fight.  Canelo needs to cut Mayweather off and get inside.  If Canelo can do that he definitely has a good chance of winning the fight. Mayweather does not want to be inside with Canelo. I give the nod to Mayweather though because he will counter back with lots of punches and move on Canelo even though Canelo can pack a punch." (Read more)

Ricardo Lamas: “I will be supporting ‘Canelo,’ the pride of Jalisco, Mexico. He’s my girlfriend's favorite boxer, mine too.”

Urijah Faber: “It’s pretty hard to bet against Floyd Mayweather Jr. considering what he’s proven in the ring, but I really think that ‘Canelo’ can pull off the upset in this fight. He’s younger, he’s stronger, and he’s hungrier for the win. Obviously, Floyd will have a big defensive advantage and he’ll be quicker but he might be taking Canelo a little too lightly. At the end of the day I think that the underdog can get it done in there.”

Johny Hendricks: "It's hard to go against Mayweather. He is so good at playing his game in the boxing ring that I don't see anyone beating him until he retires. I think it's going to be a decision because Canelo is a tough fighter and don't see him going down."

Brendan Schaub: "Canelo in a decision."

Alan Belcher:  “Mayweather decision -- don't believe the hype."

Brandon Vera: "Mayweather by decision  --  death by jab… then more jabs."

Travis Browne: “I’ve got Mayweather! I think he’ll take it by decision. It’ll be a much closer fight than people are expecting, but I think in the end Mayweather is just too elusive and much too fast for Canelo. He knows what he needs to do and he’s a gamer!”

Phil Davis: "Money Mayweather by decision"

Derek Brunson “Floyd Mayweather tomorrow, Jon Jones next weekend – the best ever to do it. Floyd Mayweather is a G! Don't sleep on Canelo 44-0 at age 23. Naturally bigger fighter.”

Michael Bisping: “Mayweather.”

Luke Rockhold: “I wouldn’t bet on it but I’m going with the ginger for a TKO in the later rounds. I think his power and aggressiveness can catch him somewhere along the way.”

Daniel Cormier: “Floyd Mayweather Jr. will win by decision. Floyd is too technical and is the finest defensive boxer in the game.  He’s too smart to put himself in a bad position and will make proper adjustments throughout the fight. I’m not sure if Canelo has the experience to do that yet, but his future is very bright.”

Joseph Benavidez: "I'm taking Mayweather by decision!"

Chris Camozzi: “Canelo!!!”

Ike Vallie-Flagg: "I'm Team Alvarez all the way but don't know if he can pull it off.”

Jimi Manuwa: "Money Mayweather."

Kyle Noke: "Canelo UD upset."

Rory Macdonald: "Excited to watch and learn from Floyd Mayweather tonight as he shows his technical mastery in the ring! After watching All Access my girlfriend wants Canelo to win -- only problem is that she calls him canaloni."

Scott Jorgensen: "Mayweather -- hoping for a close war."

Tom Watson: "Canelo wins a close decision tonight. Bet the house!"

Seth Baczynski: "Rooting for Canelo, even though I think Floyd will win. I love Floyd's skill, however, I hate his persona. Go red-headed Mexican."

Patrick Cote: "Rooting for the red-hair Mexican - go Canelo!"

Max Holloway: "Cannot wait for the fights! Floyd Mayweather all day!"

Bubba McDaniel: "Hoping Canelo, saying Mayweather."

Kenny Florian: "Canelo needs a good start and needs to beat up the body and bully Mayweather. Mayweather will use his defense and speed to frustrate Canelo. I'd love to see Canelo win but his troubles with Trout indicate Mayweather wins eight rounds to Canelo's four rounds."

Kyle Kingsbury: "I like Canelo a lot but my money is on Money."

Dustin Poirier: "Mayweather, but I think it's going to be his toughest fight."

Mike Swick: "Picking Canelo is like betting black when it's been red twelve times in a row. You want to think it's time for a change but then you lose again."

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